35° S 5° W

Alan Gould

(SOBRAON, 1883)

The woman travelling alone will leap
with all her skirts and reasons to the sea.
This is a Sunday night. She'll not be found.

Focus on that instant. Discourse issues
from the lit saloon, while under her
the wake is bulging madly like blown skirts.
Behind her rope and sail obey their theory.

Yes all geometry upholds her here.
Also, imply no failures, only that
her years are fixed upon this chemistry
as marks upon a map. For the past

is so exact. It's this that moves her most.
Sad beyond all gesture now she falls
from what made her into what will make her.

The Sobraon was a ship travelling from London, England to Melbourne in Australia. Four deaths occurred during the voyage including that of Miss E. McCausland. She committed suicide by jumping off the poop into the sea at this spot.