Demain, dès l’aube...

Victor Hugo

Translated by Timothy Adès
Tomorrow, soon as dawn has lit the land,
I’ll start. I know you’re waiting there, you see.
I’ll walk the woods and hills. I cannot stand  
Another day, having you far from me.
My eyes will fasten on my thoughts. I’ll tread,
Hearing no voice, seeing no outward sight,
Nameless, alone, hands folded, lowered head,
In sadness: and my day shall be as night.
I shall not watch the falling gold of eve,
The distant sails borne down towards Harfleur.
I’ll come and lay my tribute on your grave:
Green holly, gathered tight with ling in flower.

Translator's Note: Léopoldine, Victor Hugo's daughter had been married for only a few months when she died in a boating accident at Villequier. Her unborn child died with her, and her husband, who drowned trying to save her. Léopoldine Hugo and other members of the family are buried in the cemetery in Villequier.