Waldemar Avenue

Will Hatchett

As the tongues of ferns uncurled 

 Beneath the incense-bearing trees 

 The hussy flowers said hello

 Like smiling starlets, high on Es. 


 Along the tree-lined avenue 

 Lobelias said "Choose me please!"

 It was a floral red light zone – 

 A massage parlour for the bees. 


 The hungry shrubs were rioting 

 Time slowed down to a crawl, then stopped. 

 The air was thick with fragrant smoke –

 An explosion in a perfume shop.


 Someone had turned the summer on 

 Cranked up the sound to number nine 

 Put sex in all the flower beds 

 And planted strange drugs in my mind. 


 The traffic stalled, the sky turned red 

 The oven door was open wide. 

 The pavement turned to chocolate. 

 My heart melted, I fell inside.