Coventry Patmore


By the great stones we chose our ground
For shade; and there, in converse sweet,
Took luncheon. On a little mound
Sat the three ladies; at their feet
I sat; and smelt the heathy smell,
Pluck'd harebells, turn'd the telescope
To the country round. My life went well,
For once, without the wheels of hope;
And I despised the Druid rocks
That scowl'd their chill gloom from above,
Like churls whose stolid wisdom mocks
The lightness of immortal love.
And, as we talk'd, my spirit quaff'd
The sparkling winds; the candid skies
At our untruthful strangeness laugh'd;
I kiss'd with mine her smiling eyes;
And sweet familiarness and awe
Prevail'd that hour on either part,
And in the eternal light I saw
That she was mine; though yet my heart
Could not conceive, nor would confess
Such contentation; and there grew
More form and more fair stateliness
Than heretofore between us two.

Sarum is the old name for Salisbury. Sarum Plain, the old name for Salisbury Plain, the site of the great neolithic monument of Stonehenge.

There are many poems about Stonehenge.

Main Location:

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England, UK - Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

The mysterious ancient ruins at Stonehenge

The poet, Coventry Patmore