Alfred Noyes

(Written after the British Service at Trinity Church, New York)

Before those golden altar-lights we stood,
Each one of us remembering his own dead.
A more than earthly beauty seemed to brood
On that hushed throng, and bless each bending head.

Beautiful on that gold, the deep-sea blue
Of those young seamen, ranked on either side,
Blent with the khaki, while the silence grew
Deep, as for wings—Oh, deep as England's pride.

Beautiful on that gold, two banners rose—
Two flags that told how Freedom's realm was made,
One fair with stars of hope, and one that shows
The glorious cross of England's long crusade;

Two flags, now joined, till that high will be done
Which sent them forth to make the whole world one.


The first church on this site at the junction of Wall Street and Lower Broadway, was built in 1698. The current building dates from 1846.