Harrison Stickle

John Phoenix Hutchinson

Wandering along shores of 'Low Wood, Windermere',

My eye is drawn to familiar friend on far horizon,

Ah that famous silhouette of hallowed heights,

Glorified in full grandeur by setting sun,

The towering peaks stand in shadow- Lord of Langdale.


My mind floods with marvellous memories,

Oh those cherished days in all weathers tested,

That have seared into my very heart and soul

Becoming part of my true essence,

Time after time till man became mountain.


Water flows like blood coursing through rugged ravines,

The deep dark chasm drama of 'Dungeon Ghyll'

Intimacy! Shocking Intimacy, showing mountain bones,

Ravages bared by waters raging measure,

Mellowed here and there by Mothers kinder hand.


From ghyll to pinnacle on reminiscent wing,

I look down on the world far far below,

Free from the pressures of modern life,

I sit on clouds contemplating, meditating,

The dynamic dualism a poles reversed mirror.

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Harrison Stickle

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