Point Pelee

Mark Nenadov

A child is bumbling along the boardwalk

soaking in the summer sun,

scampering along comes

a slender five-lined skink

also soaking up the sun

which springs off the water,

that is lined with verdant plant life

and sly, sneaking creatures of the marsh

like leopard frogs

which rest on lily pads

placed by providence

with a wonderful symmetry

like gems set perfectly on display

eye candy for the walkers

like this child who

traverses the boardwalk

which anchors the sprawling marsh

where canoes swiftly slice

through the weed stew.

Mark Nenadov is a poet from Essex, Ontario, Canada. He lives with his lovely wife and their baby daughter. Mark's poems have appeared in publications in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. He also has a poem in the Whisky Sour City anthology recently published by Black Moss Press. See http://www.marknenadov.com for more details.