Who at Thermopyae stood side by side,

And fought together and together died,

Under earth-barrows now are laid in rest,

Their chance thrice-glorious, and their fate thrice-blest:

No tears for them, but memory’s loving gaze;

For them no pity, but proud hymns of praise.

Time shall not sweep this monument away,—

Time the destroyer; no, nor dank decay.

This not alone heroic ashes holds;

Greece’s own glory this earth-shrine enfolds,—

Leonidas, the Spartan king; a name

Of boundless honor and eternal fame.


Translated by M. P. Fitz-Gerald

At the narrow pass of Thermopylae in 480 BC, a small force of Spartans held off the much larger Persian army. The Spartans were betrayed and perished to a man when a renegade Greek led Persian forces behind them.

Main Location:

Thermopylae 350 09, Greece

The monument to Leonidas and his Spartans; it includes a plaque with the famous couplet y Simonides, Go Tell the Spartans.