Hotel du Danube Saint Germaine

Bonnie Manion


Recommended by an old friend, a forty

year resident of Paris, we booked this 

rive gauch inn a month before our tour 

of Europe.  Arriving last of all to the 

City of Light, we approached at night, 

in the rain, on a narrow crowded rue.


The dapper gentleman at the front 

desk was expecting us.  We took the 

dated elevator connecting two discrete 

buildings to our room on le tres etage

going out the west rather than the east

door which lead to other plus-half floors.


The room was tiny, its décor once 

the height of luxury.  Our bedroom 

was small but pretty, the Paris staff

exceptionally helpful and friendly.


Best of all, we spied a plaque high

upon the wall outside the entrance

of our Inn, en francais its momentous 

but inauspicious announcement here

paraphrased:  This is the place where 

The Treaty of Peace between England 

and its former American Colonies was

signed in 1783, for the United States by

Ben Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay.


Main Location:

Paris, France