To the Torrent at the Devil's Bridge, North Wales, 1824

William Wordsworth


HOW art thou named? In search of what strange land,

From what huge height, descending? Can such force

Of waters issue from a British source,

Or hath not Pindus fed thee, where the band

Of patriots scoop their freedom out, with hand

Desperate as thine? Or come the incessant shocks

From that young stream that smites the throbbing rocks

Of Viamala? There I seem to stand,

As in life’s morn; permitted to behold,

From the dread chasm, woods climbing above woods,

In pomp that fades not; everlasting snows;

And skies that ne’er relinquish their repose:

Such power possess the family of floods

Over the minds of poets, young or old!


A great poet of landscape, Wordsworth is most famous for his contribution to the poetic geography of the Lake District.

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Main Location:

Devil's Bridge Wales - Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion SY23, UK

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The poet William Wordsworth