Michael Drayton

MOYLEVENNILL with her sight that never is sufficed,

Now with excessive joy so strongly, is surprised,

That thus he proudly spake: “On the Gwynethian ground

(And look from east to west) what country is there crowned

As thou, Tegenia, art? that, with a vale so rich

(Cut thorough with the Cluyd, whose graces me bewitch),

The fruitfull’st of all Wales, so long hast honored been:

As also by thy spring, such wonder who dost win,

That naturally remote, six British miles from sea,

And rising on the firm, yet in the natural day

Twice falling, twice doth fill, in most admired wise.

When Cynthia from the east unto the south doth rise,

That mighty Neptune flows, then strangely ebbs thy well;

And when again he sinks, as strangely she doth swell.”

Main Location:

Wales, UK