Janet - Sounds of a Hurricane

Anthony Hinkson


God talk to de fowl cocks

early dat mornin

he tell dem not to crow

so silence come on

posess ever wing

and fear ever feather


What is dis . . .


an de quarrelsome shack-shack

tongue tight

an de howlin mile tree

quiet quiet

an de dancin palm tree

hand fold

witholding duh spirit


Man better take warnin


an dawn

like it smell a rat

cautious bout what comin

like it smell a rat

backin back

like a cat

over house

over tree

backin back under sea


an star an moon

heads covered

turn back to duh beds

an so

jus' so

before grasshopper could blink 'e eye

de whole sky shut up

just so

in terror an

den de news break


Hurry man

Hurry chile

Hurry lan'

While you can






Swells o' panic



quick quick to de church

mek fuh de shelter

Oh lawd

oh lawd

as de first branch fall


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