The Silence of the Liver Bird

Clare Bostock


I am the eyes of my City, you think I am silent and still. Without a voice, 


I spread my wings, silent and free 

With open arms I greet thee 

I am not lost or forlorn 

With each coming year I am reborn 

Honored to be the face of Liverpool I have had more publicity as a Bird than a Beatle, I am loved love me do! 

And you know I love you 

I am recognised far and wide 

People wear my T-Shirts with greatness and pride 

My eyes are open, observant to this City of mine 

guarding all 

Our continued rise shall never fall 

As time fades beneath my feet 

Barefoot to shoes on feet 

I am guarding you all night and day 

Silence is Golden 

This Bird is here to stay.