Ode to Oklahoma City: City of Grace

Rhonda S. Galizia

'This is my commandment, That ye love one another as I have loved you. Greater love heath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for friends." Jesus,

John 15:12-13

These are the words Jesus spoke to His disciples after the Passover feast at The Last Supper - and they are the very same words he spoke to me, as I watched the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy unfold...

This is a tribute to Oklahoma City - its victims and survivors, their families, loved ones, and friends; to every rescue worker, caregiver, and official... to every individual, who so willingly gave of themselves to help another.

Witness to a horror the mind cannot comprehend:

The desolation of souls, reaching their end.

Any yet, your faith in God triumphed, and you have humbled all of mankind...

Oklahoma City, City of Grace, How I see Christ in ev'ry face!

I wept bitterly; I shared your grief -

While your undaunted faith caused disbelief.

I witnessed the Presence the Lord, in ev're deed, in ev'ry word -

As "Amazing Grace - how sweet the sound!'

Was reverberating the whole world 'round.

what a haunting sight, seeing Old Glory there;

Giving new meaning, to 'bombs bursting in air'!

And ev'ry discerning eye could not help but see

Oklahoma City - as we're ALL meant to be:

Unified. ONE nation under GOD, White for purity, red for blood -

Already shed! to make us free, And then, another thought occurred to me!

.. by whose STRIPES ye are healed.'

Truly, God has sanctified your people: HE will bring goodness form this evil

... to those who will believe.

Never vindictive, your trust rested in The Word;

For 'vengeance is Mine', saith the Lord.

Tried by the fire, you are purer than gold:

Through your faith, every eye could behold


Even a president who causes shock and frustration

Because of the tenor of his administration,

Was noticeably moved by the Power of God! and seemed to hang on every word,

As our beloved Billy Graham, pastor to our Nation,

Sent forth a prayer - embraced in resonation!

For truly, the Universe witnessed, THE GLORY OF GOD!


My love, my prayers, I give to you, Oklahoma City.

Main Location:

Oklahoma City, OK, USA