This is Delhi

Pankaj Prasoon

A mega urban forest

abode of two billion




ru thless

insensitive, impatient people

a hapless metropolis

where everything is purchased

-air, water, relationship

a city -unintelligently expanding

where forcefully pasted

artificially prepared

green patches create awe

where no one hears

alhaa, birhaa, holee

or chirpy birds

music and dance are on rent in discos

where whispering


slowly moving necks

cooing pigeons

millions of pigeons

looking like animated corpse-zombies

holding chains 

in bus

metro trains

- an endless caravan of zombies

living on credit cards

and the city thriving on loans

- heat wave from Rajasthan

cold wave from Himachal

and much more-

refugees from Pakistan

Labourers from Bihar and UP

standing crop of agents and brokers

this is the city

which is called Delhi 

Main Location:

New Delhi, Delhi, India