Salaam Bombay

Ashish Ram

Tell me of a city not built by its own, 

Tell me of a city, which can stand alone.

Talk of a place where the land is scarce

Where people will share more than their own fare.


The common man is the strength of this city

He is a man of steel, gutsy and gritty.

The Spirit of people is the fuel of existence.

No man, No child, No Woman shy of assistance


On a normal day, no one will bother you, 

Come crisis, and not one will desert you.

No where in the world are people so selfless, 

Call it the rudest city in the world, but not helpless.


What it lacks in Space, It makes up in Spirit

Rain may flood and blasts can rock the city.

Here the lifeline is not blood, or a heartbeat, 

The life line is a rack on track.


No city in the World like this, 

Not Rome, not London, nor Paris, 

Hats off to the Land of Dreams, 

Salaam Bombay, I hear myself scream.