Goose Green

Ernie Melling

To remember things from in the past

Are thoughts that will forever last.


Like the walks we regularly took

Up Clapgate Lane, to Jack Lyons Brook.


To Humpty Dumpty and Peggies Wood

Where everything was fun, and felt good.


And up "Thowd Lane" as far as Baxters Pit

When everyone always seemed well and fit.


Where we played our games with joyful glee

It was wonderful to feel, so brisk and free.


To clamber and crawl over Blundell's Pit Rooks

To play hide and seek, among the crannies and nooks.


To walk with freedom, through these fields of green

Was pleasure beyond our wildest dream.


Past Little Wood, Don Wood, Round Wood and all

Where fun was enjoyed, among the trees so tall.


Above all Humpty Dumpty was really great fun

In this Green Hilly Valley, we laughed, played and run.


This was a playground, where, when the sun shone

Parents knew with smiles, where their children had gone.


Five minutes from home, and out of harms way

And knew they were all having a glorious day.


Carrying our small parcels of food and drink

While our parents at home, had freedom to think.


Goose Greeners will remember this from the past

With fond memories, that will forever last.