Ardelia Cotton Barton

Tahiti fair is Heaven's own land--
A paradise on earth.
No poisonous flower there ever grows,
No reptile there hath birth.
This fairy land is girded round
By reef of coral white.
'Twas made by God's own architects
Who labor day and night.
And on this lovely island bright
E'en bread on trees doth grow.
There are no biting winds nor frosts,
No chilling blasts nor snow.
O peaceful isle! so far away
From turmoil and all strife.
Thy people live on thee, fair isle,
A happy, dreamy life.
No jealous thoughts seem e'er to blast
Their hearts so calm, serene.
On "Eden's Isle" they live and die,
This island ever green.
Couldst man e'er wish for more on earth?
Is't not enough to live
With not a care, in simple ease,
No curse to children give?
O Isle Tahiti! wouldst that I
Beneath thy trees might'st rest!
Couldst live and dream my life away
On thy fair, peaceful breast.

Main Location:

Tahiti, French Polynesia