Hawaiian Islands

August Wilhelm Wern

O beauteous Isles in midway sea,
Thou ocean gems of priceless pearls,
Where tepid rain and gentle breeze
Around thy vales and mountains curl,
And noontime sun of brightest gold
With brilliant light doth thee enfold.
The ocean gently meets thy strand
Through tangled moss and coral reefs,
And forms 'round thee a wedlock band
That doth to thee in friendship cleave
With placid billows, rolling in
Like children's play in rollicking.
All, all is calm as if at night
Life slumbered in its sweetest dream,
Or feared that old Kilauea might
Spit fire at the slightest scream;
And dusky natives are content
To live in just such element.
Aloha! wherewith they will greet
Their own or others on the way,
That in their rambling they may meet,
But would prefer the live-long day
To slumber 'neath a banyan tree,
Or eat their poi near Waikiki.
Sweet pleasure through the woods to rove,
And listen to the mynah bird,
Or through the stately coconut grove,
Where urchins' chattering is heard,
Or pass through valley's vistas Eden
With fruits and flowers o'er laden.
When twilight's silvery moon appear,
And twinkling stars with brightness gleam,
Naught but the murmuring waves we hear.
'Tis then that near me angels seem
That smile on me, lull me to sleep
Within the cradle near the deep.

Main Location:

Hawaii, USA