Hymn (For the boatmen, as they approach the rapids under The Castle of Heidelberg)

William Wordsworth

Jesu! bless our slender boat,
By the current swept along!
Loud its threatenings, — let them not
Drown the music of a song
Breatlied thy mercy to implore,
Where these troubled waters roar!

Saviour, for our warning, seen
Bleeding on that precious Rood!
If, while through the meadows green
Gently wound the peaceful flood,
We forgot thee, do not thou
Disregard thy suppliants now!

Hither, like yon ancient tower
Watching o'er the river's bed,
Fling the shadow of thy power,
Else we sleep among the dead;
Thou who trod'st the billowy sea.
Shield us in our jeopardy!

Guide our bark among the waves;
Through the rocks our passage smooth.
Where the whirlpool frets and raves,
Let thy love its auger soothe :
All our hope is placed in thee;
Miserere Domine!