Auto de la fe at Grenada

Conde de Villamediana

A timber-frame of fashion new and rare,
Which served a spacious scaffold high to niise,
"Wliercat Granada's cross-grained crowd made gaze,
Tlirougiiig througli mist and rain tlie spongv Square ;
Some (ifty womankind, not eliastc, nor fair,
Born of his race, of wliom tlie Text-Book says,
Dry-shod he crossed the sea in Pliaraoli's days ;
A hiwycr, — wliat strange quirks had brought liim
there? —
Two lewd ones ; six l)lasj)liemcrs ; one vile friar,
Who madly took, more madly broke, his vow ;
Another blind as he, nor more worth |)ily ;
Five effigies of dead men liornc in sliow, —
One only sent alive, to feed tiie fire ; —
Made up Faith's Stage-Blay in Granada city.

Main Location:

Granada, Spain