William Gibson

Fair Cadiz, with thy wall of whitest stone,
Thy graceful mansions more than marble white.
Art thou a city of alabaster bright,
Hewn from one rock? From the Czarina flown
Are icy palaces these? But, like thine own
Queen votive rising, ravishing the sight,
From ocean, — hail, Summer of Delight,
Loosed for no frost-couch the voluptuous zone!
Dangerous the blush of Andalusian even
To youth, that on thine Alameda loiters.
Where, warm as Houris of an Eastern heaven.
Through flower-walks undulate thy dark-eyed daughters,
A glow more mantling by the sea-breeze given.
As love's sweet star stoops rosy to the conscious waters!

Main Location:

Cadiz, Spain