Maria Lowell

We saw fair Cadiz gleam out suddenly,
White as if budded of the foam of Ocean;
White as a bride with orange blossoms free
Scattered upon her; and it seemed to me
Her sweet breath met us with the wind's least motion.

And by her side a cloudy mountain rose,
Its top enfolding soft a purple tower;
Such shapes sometimes our new-world sunset shows,
But thou, old mountain! on thy sides still Hower
The very blooms of poor Zarifa's bower.

And from thy purploe turrets leaning low.
Thy course is seen, O shining Guadalquivir!
Rushing towards the sea, its waves to strew
With leaves of old Romance,
And blend with Ocean's flow
Fresli sighs for youth and beauty gone forever.

Fade once again on the horizon's rim,
Take back the virion and the sweet emotion,
O lovely Cadiz! bride so fair and dim!
Drained is the cup thou filled'st me to the brim,
And dropped within the bluest wave of Ocean!

Main Location:

Cadiz, Spain