Flodden Field

Joseph Ritson

King Jamie hath made a vow,
Keep it well if he may!
That he will be at lovely London
Upon Saint James his day.

At Flodden field the Scots came in,
Which made our Englishmen fain;
At Bramstone-green this battel was seen,
There was King Jamie slain.

Then presently the Scots did fly,
Their cannons they left behind;
Their ensigns gay were won all away,
Our souldiers did beat them blind.

To tell you plain, twelve thousand were slain
That to the fight did stand,
And many a prisoner took that day
The best in all Scotland.

That day made many a fatherless child,
And many a widow poor,
And many a Scottish gay lady
Sate weeping in her bower.

This is the first verse and last four verses of a longer poem.

The Battle of Flodden in 1513 was a disastrous defeat for the invading Scots. King James IV was killed in battle.