Inside King's College, Cambridge

William Wordsworth

What awful perspective! while from our sight
With gradual stealth the lateral windows hide
Their portraitures, their stone-work glimmers, dyed
In the soft checkerings of a sleepy light.
Martyr, or king, or sainted Eremite,
Whoe'er ye be, that thus, yourselves unseen,
Imbue your prison-bars with solemn sheen,
Shine on, until ye fade with coming night!—
But, from the arms of silence,—list! O, list!—
The music bursteth into second life;
The notes luxuriate, every stone is kissed
By sound, or ghost of sound, in mazy strife;
Heart-thrilling strains, that cast, before the eye
Of the devout, a veil of ecstasy!

The majestic chapel of King's College, Cambridge is one of the supreme expressions of the Gothic style.

Main Location:

King's College Chapel, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

Fan vaulting and stained glass windows inside the majestic chapel of King's College Cambridge

The great poet - and writer of many poems about places - William Wordsworth