Michael Drayton

Yet for her caves and holes Peake only not excells.
But that I can again produce those wondrous wells
Of Buckston, as I have that most delicious fount,
Which men the second Bath of England do account,
Which in the primer reigns, when first this well began
To have her virtues known unto the blest Saint Anne,
Was consecrated then, which the same temper hath,
As that most dainty spring which at the famous Bath
Is by the Cross enstyled, whose fame I much prefer,
In that I do compare my daintiest spring to her,
Nice sicknesses to cure, as also to prevent.
And supple their clear skins, which ladies oft frequent;
Most full, most fair, most sweet, and most delicious source.
To this a second fount, that in her natural course,
As mighty Neptune doth, so doth she ebb and flow,
If some Welsh shires report that they the like can show,
I answer those, that her shall so no wonder call,
So far from any sea, not any of them all.