John Addington Symonds

Venice, thou Siren of sea-cities, wrought 
By mirage, built on water, stair o’er stair, 
Of sunbeams and cloud-shadows, phantom-fair, 
With naught of earth to mar thy sea-born thought! 
Thou floating film upon the wonder-fraught 
Ocean of dreams! Thou hast no dream so rare 
As are thy sons and daughters, they who wear 
Foam-flakes of charm from thine enchantment caught! 
O dark brown eyes! O tangles of dark hair! 
O heaven-blue eyes, blonde tresses where the breeze
Plays over sun-burn’d cheeks in sea-blown air! 
Firm limbs of moulded bronze! frank debonair 
Smiles of deep-bosom’d women! Loves that seize 
Man’s soul, and waft her on storm-melodies!

Main Location:

Venice, Italy