The River Cherwell

William Lisle Bowles

Cherwell! how pleased along thy willowed edge
  Erewhile I strayed, or when the morn began
  To tinge the distant turret's golden fan,
Or evening glimmered o'er the sighing sedge!
And now reposing on thy banks once more,
  I bid the lute farewell, and that sad lay
  Whose music on my melancholy way
I wooed: beneath thy willows waving hoar,
Seeking a while to rest--till the bright sun
  Of joy return; as when Heaven's radiant Bow
  Beams on the night-storm's passing wings below:
Whate'er betide, yet something have I won
Of solace, that may bear me on serene,
Till eve's last hush shall close the silent scene.

The Cherwell is a tributary of the Thames which joins the great river at Oxford. It is the river along which the Oxford students go punting and while away summer days. William Lisle Bowles was a student at Trinity College, Oxford.