On Leaving a Village in Scotland

William Lisle Bowles

Clysdale! as thy romantic vales I leave,
  And bid farewell to each retiring hill,
  Where musing memory seems to linger still,
Tracing the broad bright landscape; much I grieve
That, mingled with the toiling crowd, no more
  I may return your varied views to mark,
  Of rocks amid the sunshine towering dark,
Of rivers winding wild, or mountains hoar,
Or castle gleaming on the distant steep!--
  Yet many a look back on thy hills I cast,
  And many a softened image of the past
Sadly combine, and bid remembrance keep,
To soothe me with fair scenes, and fancies rude,
When I pursue my path in solitude.

Author's own note: There is a wildness almost fantastic in the view of the river from Stirling Castle, the course of which is seen for many miles, making a thousand turnings.