The Tweed Visited

William Lisle Bowles

O Tweed! a stranger, that with wandering feet
  O'er hill and dale has journeyed many a mile,
  (If so his weary thoughts he might beguile),
Delighted turns thy stranger-stream to greet.
The waving branches that romantic bend
  O'er thy tall banks a soothing charm bestow;
  The murmurs of thy wandering wave below
Seem like the converse of some long-lost friend.
Delightful stream! though now along thy shore,
  When spring returns in all her wonted pride,
The distant pastoral pipe is heard no more:
  Yet here while laverocks sing could I abide,
Far from the stormy world's contentious roar,
  To muse upon thy banks at eventide.

The River Tweed flows through the Borders, the country lying across the border of England and Scotland. For a stretch the river itself forms the border.