The River Wainsbeck

William Lisle Bowles

While slowly wanders thy sequestered stream,
WAINSBECK, the mossy-scattered rocks among,
  In fancy's ear making a plaintive song
  To the dark woods above, that waving seem
  To bend o'er some enchanted spot, removed
  From life's vain coil; I listen to the wind,
  And think I hear meek Sorrow's plaint, reclined
O'er the forsaken tomb of him she loved!--
Fair scenes, ye lend a pleasure, long unknown,
  To him who passes weary on his way;--
  Yet recreated here he may delay
A while to thank you; and when years have flown,
And haunts that charmed his youth he would renew,
In the world's crowd he will remember you. 

Authors own note: The Wainsbeck is a sequestered river in Northumberland, having on its banks "Our Lady's Chapel," three-quarters of a mile west of Bothal. It has been commemorated by Akenside.

Today the river is known as the Wansbeck and is locally nicknamed "The Wanney".