Alfred Noyes

Last night, I dreamed of Nippon....
  I saw a cloud of white
Drifting before the sunset
  On seas of opal light.

Beyond the wide Pacific
  I saw its mounded snow
Miraculously changing
  In that deep evening glow,

To rosy rifts and hillocks,
  To orchards that I knew,
To snows of peach and cherry,
  And feathers of bamboo.

I saw, on twisted bridges,
  In blue and crimson gleams,
The lanterns of the fishers,
  Along the brook of dreams.

I saw the wreaths of incense
  Like little ghosts arise,
From temples under Fuji,
  From Fuji to the skies.

I saw that fairy mountain....
  I watched it form and fade.
No doubt the gods were singing,
  When Nippon isle was made.

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